Beloved listeners, welcome to the season of ancestors. We here at Medicine Caller are inside the exquisite embrace of profound grief and it seems like everyone we talk to is too. Sophia recorded a phone call to friends when a dear friend of theirs suddenly left this world. They very generously allowed us to record it and share it with all of you as we collectively and privately navigate this descent into the dark. So many of us look at the harvest being brought in and the winter ahead and our souls just know this is the time to move on. It is a natural and trustworthy thing to do, and yet those of us left behind are left altered and deeply hurt. Sophia talks beautifully about how to honor that pain, not cut it short or drag it out, but simply ride in its current for a while. Remember, you are not alone.

You can find Sophia’s tried and true grief ritual on her website

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As always, you can follow Sophia on instagram @SophiaWiseOne or read more about her work on her website

“I am Sophia Wise One: Daughter of the Wind. I am calling you to Rise Up, Rise Up, Rise Up. Rise up and take your place.”

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