Beloved listeners, this is the final episode of our season and Sophia has one simple message to leave you with:

Practice. Recommit to your practice. Now more than ever it is time to make a promise to your future self to do the things that feel good and nourishing to you, even if they are hard work. You will feel better when you consistently show up to your practices, whatever they are. Take a regular yoga class, write in your journal every night before bed, eat dinner at the table with your family, go to therapy—no matter what the practice is, it is time now to practice.

When we make peace in our being, we create and emanate peace that all of us can stand on. – Sophia Wise One

In this episode, you will:

  • Master the art of consistent practice to elevate your energy and find stability.
  • Triumph over life’s challenges by dedicating yourself to a daily routine.
  • Select a transformative, nourishing practice designed for your personal growth.
  • Unleash the potential of ceremony and forging community bonds in your journey.
  • Recognize life itself as an ongoing opportunity to refine and develop oneself.


My loves. Welcome. You have tuned in to Medicine Caller podcast. They call me Sophia Wise One. I am your host.


We are taking a journey. I am delivering a message to us, Medicine Callers today. And this message is this is the message. The card I pulled is practice. And I'd rolled the die to pick a practice.


And the practice is player's choice. And when I asked for deeper clarity, I heard practice like your hair is on fire, which is old from many places, buddhism phrase. And so what I want to say to you right now is that you know what you need to be doing to be keeping your frequency on and your energy and your auric field, like, pop in. And by that I mean stable. Okay?


You have practices. You have your practice that you do that really resets you, that really strengthens you, that really brings you home. And you've got to practice right now. Right now is pressing you to prioritize other things and the momentum, this and that and this and that and this and that and this and that. And so it's like, I'll do the this, and I'll get there.


Recommit. Right now, you need to recommit to your practice. I had this moment this year where I had a weekend, and I felt terrible. I felt absolutely terrible. I had been kind of coming out of my crisis portal.


I was kind of many weeks into the resting and recovery that was mostly just, like, slowly down, shifting from high gear into one gear lower into one gear lower. And so I had finally kind of gotten all the way down to first gear into stop. And when I stopped, I felt terrible because I had been so burnt out on all of this, and my nervous system was fried, and I was like, all I want to do is, like, the three things that are, like, my coping mechanism, comfort, things that only kind of work and kind of make me feel worse. So connected to my coping trauma body. I was, like, way at the bottom, and it was this really beautiful moment.


I had a beautiful road trip and a powerful reset time, nourishing soulmates, and just was, like, really taken care of and showed up for other people in a really gentle way. And over the course of this very short little trip, I was like, I have a choice right now. That choice is I can do the practices that I don't feel like doing, and I will feel better in two weeks. Remarkably, I will feel completely different in two weeks. If today I practice like, my hair is on fire, I practice, and then the next day, I practice, and then the next day, I practice.


And then the next day, I practice. If I apply my practice, then two weeks from now, I will feel better. The chances that I will feel better immediately after practicing is, like, kind of a 50 50 shot when things are really, in a way, sometimes we practice and we don't feel better. We practice a couple of days in a row. Now, usually I feel immediately better to some degree, like, immediately, it works.


You're good at what you do. I'm good at what I do. What I do is heal. And so when I choose to focus on healing, I usually get some results right away. But I knew that I still would be feeling not great, and that was true.


But I had the choice to make. I said, I can make the choice today that will make me feel better in two weeks, remarkably in a different place, or I could not do the thing today and then wake up tomorrow still feel bad and still be two weeks away from feeling remarkably better from the results of applying my practice. And so I want you right now to recommit to your practices that will make you notably and astoundingly better condition two weeks from now. What is that for you? What is that for you?


Is it journaling? Is it a yoga class? Is it therapy? Is it meditation? Is it a particular form of meditation?


Is it getting back in your body? Is it going to the gym? Is it something I've never heard of? Whatever it is, that's what you need to be doing right now, and you need to be doing it with consistency, because the thing that needs attention and healing really needs attention and healing. And so you got to give it that.


That's how you're going to get different results right now, is to practice, to practice and practice and practice.


Is it ceremony with people? Is it community? Is it feeding your friends and family? Is it sitting down to dinner every night? Altogether, there were few things in my life that were as stabilizing and nourishing than when I lived in a house with six adults.


And we ate dinner together. We ran around the table and we checked in. We said our highlights and our lows, and we told stories and we laughed. One of the most powerful ceremonies, this beautiful, natural, kind of organic urge that we have. And I also love a ceremony that's 12 hours long with ten people in a circle and sweating and praying and just going all in, you know, and it might require just showing up.


For me, it was really convenient because I had been paying my membership to my yoga class, even though I hadn't been going for a chunk of time, which I was still grateful for, because I could feel the container supporting me like it was there at any second. And the moment that I needed it there at any second, it was there for me. It was there for me. And I went to that class, and then I did that class every day on repeat, on replay, and I took a rest day, and then I went back and when I didn't want to, I could say to myself, like, but how do you want to feel in two weeks? How do you want to feel in a week and a half?


And I'm already feeling better. So redundancy. I'm going to say it one more time. You know what you need to do? I want you right now to just say out loud, like, the practice that I need to be doing right now to lift me up, to feed me is you don't have to use so many words.


The practice that I want to do is the practice that I'm being called to do right now is good. Do it like your hair is on fire. Like your life depends on it. Like the person you love the most life depends on it. Like this planet depends on it.


With some verve is what I'm saying. With some passion and fake it till you make it. I like to say faith it till you make it. Create those pathways in the nervous system. Build that track so that when you have the energy to come and effortlessly go that way, it's there.


And I'll say it was really, really beautiful the way that I watched over the course of a week, the first week of practice and then the second week of practice, the way that I kind of got back into the practice and was like, oh yeah, the nuance, the details, it came back really quickly. So maybe it's about learning something new for you right now. But I'm really getting the sense that right now, for the next two weeks, pick something that you know and either just really get into it. Maybe you've been doing it, maybe you've been sitting on your cushion every day and showing up, but just kind of being like clocking in. Show up.


Do an extra thing to show up. Like light a candle, jump up and down three times and say, like, this is my practice. This is important. Show up. This is time.


Right now. Right now, this is it. So just recommit to the practice you're doing or show up to the one that you have. Okay, listen, I really think I've made my point. That's really the point of today's show.


I bless you and I bless your practice. I bless the brilliance of your being being fed by the brilliance of what is alignment for you. And do that practice. And if it's not doing what it needs to be doing, let the practice open you. Let the practice be like, guide me to my next practice, okay?


Your life is your practice. Show up. Do the practice that allows your life to be lighter, be easier, bearable right, be enjoyable and pleasurable and ecstatic and fabulous and fun. Or like tolerable bearable. Get through it, wherever you are, I bless you.


I bless you. I bless you your body and your snuggles and your longings and your dreams and your wishes. I bless them all. And may we all just really enjoy and savor our practice as we practice like our hair is on fire. If you don't have your own deck and book and lifetime membership to the academy, you can go and order yours at


And at that website, you can also find out upcoming events and courses and classes and ceremonies and frequency baths to be in practice and ceremony together. Just a reminder that this here book that I wrote for you all and for myself that I use for myself, has 195 different practices. So for you or for someone you love who could use a little guidance and support on the journey, send it them that way. All right loves. I am just so grateful for you.


I'm so grateful for your practice. It makes a difference. We are weaving this world together. And when we make peace in our being, we create and emanate peace that all of us can stand on. Let's continue to create that.


Show up and hold our heart so steady because it's not easy. It's important. It can be easy, but that's not why we do it. We do it because it's important. We do it because we came here to do it.


And we let it be as easy as possible. And practice helps us do that. Okay? So much love. Peace.