Witnessing is vital to our personal growth and wellbeing. It is the act of being present and observant without judgment, which allows us to connect deeply with ourselves and others. As we practice spiritual witnessing, we begin to better understand the beauty of life and our unique perspectives. The first step towards being witnessed is acknowledging that we want to be seen and heard in all areas of our lives. By doing this, we take the necessary steps towards a more authentic self-expression that can benefit not only ourselves but those around us as well. Sophia Wise One encourages listeners to take time to be seen, alongside seeking emotional support by being open and vulnerable with the right witness. She suggests finding a person who can create a safe space for you to share your experiences. Sophia explains that talking to plants, engaging in meditation, or being a part of spiritual practices can also empower us in our spiritual witnessing journey. This process reiterates the importance of being present, grounded and being aware of our surroundings while maintaining an atmosphere of unconditional love and kindness.

Be seen, be known, be witnessed. And that will bring you out of the catch, that will bring you into this plane. And we need you here. – Sophia Wise One

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the power of being truly seen and appreciated by others without criticism.
  • Develop true self-expression in all facets of your existence.
  • Choose the right individuals for providing emotional encouragement and safe environments.
  • Utilize proven techniques for staying centered and cultivating spiritual insight.
  • Esteem the value of one’s vulnerability and the richness of different perspectives in our experiences together.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 – Introduction, 

00:01:28 – The Witness Card, 

00:03:25 – Bring Your Medicine Forward, 

00:07:43 – Be Seen and Grounded, 

00:09:43 – You Are Precious,



00:00:00 Hi, my loves. I've got a message for us today. Welcome to Medicine Caller podcast. They call me Sophia Wise One, and I am blessed to be here with you.

00:00:15 And I have got a summoning for us right now, a summoning to offer. The gift of witnessing is a profound and consistent part of what we offer people, plants, beings, existence. It's a big part of what we have to contribute is the ability to be in observation with a level of investment and attentiveness, while also withholding our story or judgment or preoccupation with whatever, to be present and to witness, to be the one that sees, that hears, that feels, that senses, that knows through those levels. That is a gift we offer. And the message right now is that is a gift we need to receive.

00:01:28 Where are you resisting being seen? Inside yourself, to yourself, but also to another? To others. And this is a two card spread for us today. And it's the witness.

00:01:43 Witness card. Witnessed witness card. And that these are my feet. These are my feet. This is the grounding card.

00:01:51 This is about how being here on the planet, it's really important right now that you let yourself be seen and heard and known in your process, wherever you are right now. The grittiness of it, the smoothness of it, the glorious victory summoning success yes, of it, and the like. I don't know what good. Yeah. The question of it, the curiosity, curious yet to be revealed, to let these layers of yourself be really seen, and, if you can, in motion.

00:02:41 Okay, so I'm asking you to let yourself be witnessed. And I'm going to say here, yes, there's a big piece of, like, bring your medicine into the world. That's a big piece of what this message is about. It's like, bring it forward. Bring it forward.

00:02:58 Let people witness the medicine of your being, the medicine of your work, the medicine of your heart that will help bring you here onto this planet, which I'm going to remind you, what we're doing is shifting this planet. The more we arrive and are witnessed and are real. We're like unicorns. I was going to say like mastiffs. But we're like mastiffs and unicorns.

00:03:25 We're real. We're real, and our experience is real. And what we have to contribute is real. And what our insights and guidance is real. And it has a real place.

00:03:40 We carry real solutions. And so we need to bring that forward, and you need to be seen. And that's one level of it, of like, this is like, bring it forward. Bring it forward. Come into this earth plane.

00:03:54 Change this earth plane. Really feel the Earth underneath your feet. And there's this undercurrent. It's like so often how it is with me, right? This undercurrent of where are you?

00:04:12 Where how can we right? It's like this is our this is the message for all of us. We are to be witness is to be surrendered and exposed.

00:04:33 And so this is the invitation to choose to be exposed in your process, in your gift, in your work. You know what this one is for. You know which part this is for. And maybe it's for all of them, and maybe it's for one of them, but you know that what I'm asking you to do is to make the choice, to be seen, to be felt.

00:05:12 That is what's going to bring you here. There's a part of what's been going on. I'm pulling my hands up from the ground, kind of like pulling them in. There's a part of holding this close to your heart and not sharing it. And there is a time and a place for holding things close and keeping it in an internal process.

00:05:43 And this is the invitation that says right now is, open that door. And especially if you know what I'm talking about, as like a tender piece or a personal piece, I want you to be really loving with yourself and choose what you want. That who that Witness to be. Witness can be real, and it can be many different things. If you have a strong relationship with your plants, you can ask them to witness you and then share what it is that you're holding with your plants as Witness.

00:06:24 You can ask a friend. You can ask a colleague. You can ask a mentor. You can ask a family member. You can ask a professional.

00:06:35 You can ask mama. You can ask the ancestors. You can ask the furniture in your room. But it has to feel real. You have to feel like they're really seeing you.

00:06:46 To have this give the gift that I'm inviting you to receive, which is to ground down and to come back into this reality, to get out of the one that's in your head. The stories that you're spinning, sometimes this is as practical as, like, have you been in a conversation that you stepped away from to process? You're like, I just need a little space. And then time passes, and then you've processed the conversation, but now you've actually moved on to creation of a process. There's parts that you're not totally clear about, and you don't have all the information.

00:07:24 And so you're starting to fill in the gaps. That's when it's time to return to that conversation and open heartedly be witnessed in your process. This is where I've come to so far. This is where I've come to so far and get out of your head and come down and grounded in this reality. Okay?

00:07:43 And you could take that example of personal relationship dynamics and take it into so many different things, which is like, it doesn't have to be perfect and complete in isolation. In fact, it probably won't be, because that's not where connection happens, right? So if the vision is to have a sense of connection, grounded, shared reality, at some point we have to move what we're holding inside and weave it into the around, right? So whether it's a personal relationship or whether it's a piece of your work, find a way to share that which you've been holding close. And the parts that are really clear, share how clear you are.

00:08:33 Be known in that clarity. And the parts that are unsure be known in that unsureness be known in that question. And the witness space, right, is not yet the collaboration moment. It's not give me more information. Let's do this next piece together, though, that organically can be the next step.

00:08:59 This is about the this is really about like that, you know, but unfolds from there. But this message is about the permission that you have to give yourself the courage that you have to gather right now to be seen.

00:09:19 Because what you're holding is precious. And even more than it being precious, you're precious. And the things that you're holding close to you are not you. You are infinite and indestructible.

00:09:43 You are infinite and indestructible. The things you are holding close are art. They're a temporary identity, perspective painting or weave.

00:10:06 And they're beautiful.

00:10:12 And so take the time to gather the courage and make the decision. And then ask for the witnessing create the container. When you go to bring this forward, ask for that being, that person, that energy to be in witnessing space with you. First ask for that. And if that being can't say yes, that's not the place to share it right now.

00:10:40 Say thank you. If you were going to ask, if you're going to say, are you available to hear and see where I am right now, to witness me, to just really listen and hear and witness where I've been with all of this right now, I want you to hear. I would be honored. Yes, please. Right now, I'm here, I'm available or absolutely.

00:11:06 05:00. Let's meet up, take a walk. Tell me everything. How do you want to do that? You want to tell me about it or write about it or dance about it or how can I?

00:11:19 How do you want to be seen? I want to see you like that. That's what I want the energy of yes. How do you want to do that? Yes.

00:11:25 I'm here for it. I'm here for it. Let's do that. If anything comes to you of like, I want you to say thank you so much for wanting to be there for me. If you feel more available, you can let me know.

00:11:41 I don't need this from you right now. And then turn to another source. If you ask your plants, Witness me, and they all look at you and go, come on, man. You know you got to call your bestie. We'll watch you call your bestie.

00:11:57 But be seen by a person, say thank you, plants. Great. And if you say to the plants, witness me, and they open their presence to behold you and where you are, then be seen by that, right? If you go into a state and say, ancestors, see me, touch me, know me, witness me in this process, and then share yourself. Let them say yes to you and then share yourself.

00:12:27 And that will bring you into your body, because there's something that's happening right now that's pulling you up and out a little bit. You're a little bit. You've moved a little bit into a really that sound really keeps coming up recently in this time of just like this catch. Okay, you're a little caught. And the message and the medicine right now is, be seen, be known, be witnessed.

00:13:01 And that will bring you out of the catch, that will bring you in to this plane. And we need you here. We want you here. You're valuable. You matter.

00:13:15 You matter. You matter.

00:13:21 So thank you for all of your practices that you do. You diligently on your own. And right now, this is a practice right now. This is a time right now, this thing that is catching in you needs companionship, needs witnessing, needs witnessing. Be seen.

00:13:46 Okay, my loves. Okay, my loves. That's today's journey. Oh, thank you so much for joining us on Medicine Caller. It's just a treasure, just a privilege and a pleasure, because it's really how I feel.

00:14:02 A privilege and a pleasure. Today's cards, witness. And these are My Feet are from the I Love My Life manual and Guide for calling Medicine, 72 practices and 195 different practices. There's multiple guided instructions on how to do witnessing type exercises in this book, and it's designed as a daily contemplative tool, as a choose your own adventure, intuitive healing guide, and as a group game that is soulful and nourishing. And if you don't have your own copy, I encourage you to come and get one.

00:14:35 Sophiawiseone.com/Store And at my website, you can find upcoming events and classes and join me for a frequency bath and the good news that I have to share and some of the sticky stuff that comes up. So thank you so much for being here in my community and witnessing me today and so sending you such a blessing, such a loving blessing for you that the Witness and the Witness sing brings you feels you into your feet, into this earth. And as you feel that earth, you feel held come into your body. Come on.

00:15:17 Come on. Come on. You know how to do it. This is one way that will help. Do what you got to do.

00:15:23 Keep doing the things until you're here. Okay? You're important. Okay? Take care.

00:15:31 Wow.