Beloveds, we have an incredible guest joining us this week! Hillis Pugh is a Lemurian Light Worker, author, speaker, and soul nourisher who has graced us with his divine presence. Hillis and Sophia talk about so many things, including the rapid changes that are occurring in and around us in this solstice time and the divine patience required to ride the waves of change without getting clobbered by them. They discuss the ways that hard things can be easy no matter how hard they are, as long as you do them when everyone is truly ready. Hillis tells us a bit about Lemuria and he does a transmission for us live on the show! (Make sure you listen to this episode in a quiet space where you can safely drop everything for about 10 minutes while he guides you deep inside your heart and through the stars.) This potent episode has the power to transform you if you’re ready! 

You can find more of Hillis’ writings and book a session with him on his website

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