Sophia is joined this week by the epic Alexandra Jamieson who you may recognize from her prominent role in the Oscar™-nominated documentary Super Size Me, her bestselling books Women, Food, and Desire and Getting to Hell Yes, her podcast Her Rules Radio, or any of her many other incredible offerings to this world. It’s a real honor and pleasure to listen in on this conversation that is both intimate and inviting. These two are fearless as they navigate some deeply painful experiences together with grace and gentleness.

This episode covers a lot of ground, including:

  • Inner-child-healing with a physical doll to represent the kind of tenderness that kind of self-care requires.
  • Growing up with mentally ill, addict parents, other suicidal relatives and the path to healing from that and the ways that can affect you as an adult. 
  • Sleep, dreaming, insomnia, herbal sleep aids, and the different kinds of dreams they can induce.
  • They talk about how artists are the shepherds that guide us through difficult times like the ones we find ourselves in now.

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You can find more of Alex’s work as well as art and resources at her website which has links to buy her books and to her podcast, Her Rules Radio

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