Hello beloved listeners! Breathe in Peace and Harness the Wind for Mental Clarity

Join Sophia as she gives us the encouragement we need to take the leap and let go of the rope swing. She provides us with the necessary tools to find peace of mind and make a shift in our paradigm. But will you be brave enough to take the risk? Find out now, as your healing journey has only just begun.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the difference between a healing journey and a healing moment, and how each can impact your life.
  • Discover the significance of incorporating daily practices for a well-rounded healing journey.
  • Explore the power of breathwork in balancing your nervous system for a mental reset.
  • Delve into embracing innovative perspectives and paradigm shifts for transformative healing experiences.
  • Cultivate a strong commitment to self-reflection, forgiveness, and open-heartedness in your personal healing process.

Healing happens in a moment, the shift, the change moment is an instant. And then we have more practice to help us maintain and keep that going. – Sophia Wise One

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Practice daily body engagement through dance, yoga, working out, pleasure, sex practices, or nourishing and feeding the body.
  • Use breath work as a healing tool, such as yogic pranayama, holotropic breathing, or Wim Hof’s method.
  • Regulate your own breath more audibly and intentionally to support yourself and those around you.
  • Trust your body and notice yourself in your own way while learning breathwork systems.
  • Embrace the peace of mind that is being offered and let it change your perspective and mental landscape.

Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:00 – Introduction, 

Sophia Wise One welcomes listeners to the Medicine Caller podcast and sets the intention for the message of the day, which is about healing happening in a moment.

00:01:40 – Healing Journey vs Healing Moment, 

Sophia explains the difference between the healing journey and the healing moment, using a metaphor of a rope swing by a river. She emphasizes the importance of daily practices, which bring us to the moment of healing.

00:08:04 – Breathwork and Mental Healing, 

Sophia talks about the importance of breathwork in regulating the nervous system and achieving mental stability. She encourages listeners to use breath as a tool for healing and mental clarity.

00:10:38 – Peace of Mind, 

Sophia discusses the importance of peace of mind in changing our perspective and paradigm. She emphasizes that it is a result of diligent practice and encourages listeners to let it change the way they see things.

00:13:17 – Conclusion, 

Sophia thanks listeners for their work and being, and encourages them to find pleasure and bliss in their healing journey, before and after the moment of healing. She invites listeners to visit her website for more resources and events.