I am excited to announce the mad amount of free live support and healing I am going to be offering this month. And registration open for my next class.

I am always excited by new endeavors. If we’re not excited about something we are voluntarily doing, knowing that everything we set out to do will have unexpected and unplanned aspects that we can not control, we better start out excited! Well ~ I recommend it anyway. What are you excited about doing… are you putting it off. What is needed to put it higher on the propriety list?

3 Free Live Webinars I will be offering!!

3 Things No One Tells You About Why PMS/PMDD Is Awesome, Even When It Sucks
I give the low down on how I went from dreading and fighting my cycle to thriving within it.

Self Care for Moms Being a Mom is the toughest and most important job there is, and mom’s need care too, it’s a challenge and an adventure. I’ve got tips for adventuring.

Transforming the Wound This webinar will talk about the alchemical process of turning poison into medicine. How pretending it’s all good when you’re still hurting doesn’t help, and what to do instead so you can feel like yourself again.

(When you register make sure to send me your top concerns or questions on the subject! I’m hoping you’ll tell me just want you need right now so I can be the most helpful.. I can talk for hours about cool stuff, and not even touch on your prime question if I don’t know what it is!)

YES! Putting myself out there big like this again feels awesome and a little scary!

I would love if you would invite anyone you know who might benefit from these free webinars. And any help spreading the word is welcome and appreciated.

My next course is a group virtual course. When I think and brew on what I’ll cover and how, I am so amazed at the teachers I have been blessed to have learned from, the experiences that I have so diligently turned into medicine, and the people’s lives who have been changed towards joy and connection as a result of what I offered. Dope.

A note about gender and Divine Feminine and Masculine: This is a course focused on the Divine Feminine, which you(anyone/everyone) also embody. So although language will be women focused, and I will be teaching and explaining how it applies and nourishes the male bodied form. In addition, the Feminine births the Divine Masculine, so to get them all united and creating something new you got to get Femme juiced and fed so what She births is optimal and grown in the most wondrous environment.

Wild Femme: Accessing Your Inner Power
(Or, open up and get it good from the Divine)
12-week Virtual Healing Course

Open to All Genders

12 calls, each with a focused teaching and distance healing session,
and a private forum for community connection and support
Starts March 20th
Fridays, 11am-1pm Mountain time (1pm EST, 9am PCT)

I am an expert at connecting people to their own self, their own wisdom, their own voice. The Wild Femme is about being your creative, feeling, thriving, intimate, and powerful self. Nothing short of it. The goal is not to learn how to be wild and free – it’s to become wild and free. You do that by remembering and healing the gaps between who you really are and who you’ve been.

This course includes:
•    Accessing the wisdom of the pelvic floor- assessing the 4 quadrants of the pelvis to hear the wisdom your body is showing you
•    Understanding what tension of your body is telling you about your life
•    Taking the journey of moving through tough emotions; namely grief, rage and shame
•    Apply the medicine of your root- taking action and following through on your intuitive hits and body wisdom knowing
•    Demystifying the healing process and skill building
•    Working with spirit guides, ancestral healing/reweaving, and developing your relationship with spirit
•    Moonlodging practices
•    Gaining access to the most creative and healing force within you, your womb, regardless of your gender, age or stage of life Learn More…

Ready to REGISTER NOW ~ you can check out by clicking here

March is all about offering and teaching all I can this month. Is there something you want me to do a webinar on? Let me know!

Lots of Love and gratitude,

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