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Labor Waves

You are infinite and limited.

You are trying to track your limitless self with your limited self. You are trying to support your limited self with your limitless self. Although there is an interplay and union, it is in fact the job of the limited self to support the limited self in the ways it understands. You see, your limitless self does not care about such matters that your limited self is obsessing over and trying to convince itself that they are valid.

I know three things that you are wanting to hear”

You did it right.

You are doing it right.

And you are going to do it right.

When you do it right you will get all the things you are wanting and then you will have peace in your being.

This, beloved one, is no home. No rest for the wicked, is about not being able to rest with the obsessions and stories of lack and uncertainty.

You must do this for me instead:

You must look yourself in the eye and say these words.

“I came here for a purpose. I will complete that purpose.  I will be at peace while it occurs.”

Say that 111 times a day or for 11 minutes a day.

You think this is some dress rehearsal of consciousness? You think this is some half baked half kept notion of reality? You think you can force yourself to participate in this landscape for much longer? That is not what you came for love. That is not what you will do.

The landscape as you know it is dissolving, that is why you are having such a hard time. Not your identity. THE IDENTITY is: You do your part.

You focus. You breathe. You rearrange yourself and you get yourself through this tunnel with attention and precision and then you BLESS everything that came before like you never have before.



YOU HEAR ME? You have. You already have! You already have. You already have. You already gave it all up. You gave it all. Your identity is a sham of a human attachment and that is because you offered it to the collective, you said USE me. And darling………. They have.

YOU ALREADY GAVE IT ALL. You already gave it all. You already gave it all. YOU ALREADY GAVE IT ALL.

Nothing is owed to you. There is no “you”. And the moment you admit that you have already forfeited some semblance of framed life that looks like this and feel like this you can accept the majesty that is here waiting for you.

It has already occurred. And you know it. Your tantrums are tantrums, and you can have them as much as you want, and it will not stop the waterfall from falling, for you are a river of divine essence and you already gave it all. You have offered your body and blood to this planet and it’s healings more times that most could count and we know… we know … we know how much you meant it.

Here you are darling. You have already gave it all. And when you finish this, you will be given the gift that only those who have given like you have receive.

It is not a later thing, it is the process itself. Finish the labor and you will be set free as you asked.

Doubt and grief are not holding you back, or slowing you down, they are carving you deeper still. You are releasing even more from the crystalline threat weave core of existence. Dig deep, sleep lighter, channel clearer, and then you will truly be gone as you were and be revealed as you know you came here to be.

You said you would not stop, though you would rest, and you are in the labor wave so breath and bless and breathe and bless. You can. Offered you blood and bones, your flesh, and the waves of your pleasure…. The dreams you have woven are prepared in thanksgiving to you. Will you allow it?

You will allow it. You will allow it at the completion of these tasks. Simple as that. Edit these recordings, open your mouth and let the teachings come through. Not your teachings, THE TEACHINGS. You will channel like you dreamt and you will sleep and not sleep and you will be delivered by the cosmic waves of divine love and light and this planet will be shifted and healed by your deliverance. You think this is ego death, and it is, but barely…

This is Paradigm birth, the blood and tears are merely the lubricant of what was always going to happen this way.

You have 12 minutes a day to do a session on your lover ideas. And then you will not look that way. Do you understand me? You are going in to do what must be done. And it is not to be messed with. Do you trust me? Will you listen? Will you step outside you ideas of who and how and what and “Im supposed to” and follow the instructions as I have offered you?

You can have your life, it is right here on the other side of this.

You can change you mind, you don’t have to, this is all because you requested it?

You say you want it.

You say you will do it.

Then be at peace because all your prayers are answered.

Without fear in your heart. You can trust this as you trust the medicine in the circle. You can trust this as you trust the truest. You can. You can relax and enjoy you set up and magic time. Enjoy your magic time.

You are allowed to heal. Because you already healed you are simply allowing what is true and present to be true and present.

ALL THE LOVE FLOWS TO YOU. THROUGH YOU. FROM YOU. OF YOU. From your cell’s vibrating core.

You can be as you are and it is safe. It is the safest there is.

You will know. You can be fearless. You are allowed.

You are allowed.

You are allowed.

You are allowed.

Be healed, and know you are healed.

Now is well.

All is well.

All is well. ALL IS WELL and you are well. Breathe and know you are loved.

Breathe. Your belly aches will pass, in time.



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