Oh friend, how spring kicks my tender loving ass. Sending you the courage to see through the dirt that covers your tender new growth, and gentle rain (metaphorical or literal depending on actual needs of the land :-) ) to support and nourish your awesome newness.

Ugh. This one is digging deep to share. I feel the vulnerability hangover already… aka belly unease and a little dizzy… And yet, I feel it’s time. It seemed like such a good idea all alone in a bath while praying… That’s the good idea I do my best to trust… Your healing, my healing, our healing, The Healing. So…




Here’s a deeply personal and vulnerable story of change and transformation from me to you.

A year ago, this past weekend, I went through an ritual initiation into womanhood. I wanted to do it for my birthday, but realized that I really wanted to do it BEFORE I got married (which was one month previous to my birthday).

Many of us lack ritual marking of transformations in our life. Luckily, better late than never rings powerfully true with these things. It is not now or ever too late to claim and mark these events and invite the blessings that intentional ritual brings to life.

So for my bachelorette weekend I requested some of the profound women in my life to come together and hold an initiation for me. And me-oh-my they did!

Friday night we went dancing at The Hard Rock Cafe.IMG_1837 And the next day I was picked up in a surprise party bus named the Dubstar, with the word ‘DREAMS’ written on the side, and was whisked away to a house in the Poconos

Now, this week while moonlodging and taking a bath I reflected on the deep medicine of that bachelorette weekend 1 year ago. I decided, or rather felt it was time, finally time, to share this profound medicine.

The recording of the story of my initiation is about 45 minutes and includes some of the story of my surprise wedding too! (You’re reading that correctly, I had a surprise wedding in DC).

As you listen strengthen the healing and medicine of this journey with your witnessing. May you experience all the awakening and healing you can have too!

So here we go:  Vulnerable sharing commence!

Sophia's DC Wedding - 013

Sophia's DC Wedding - 078BLESSINGS TO YOU!



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