On Loving Life

There is an infinite amount of wisdom that pours forth through people, animals, traditions, books, poetry, music, land, and story. I looked for and hungered, from the start of my being, to hear that wisdom around me. I found it everywhere. Everywhere I have walked, the wisdom throughout the ages has been felt and shared with me.

“I Love My Life” is about being internally resourced and capable in a way that allows you to feel appreciative, even without external situations being ideal. Loving your life is about radically accepting and loving what is. This is generated by a underlying foundation of life being an adventure which allows the various situations to be “just the thing at hand” rather than being “the problem” or “the answer”. I believe that loving is our nature, and it is by being in a participatory relationship with loving, combined with integritous effort and action, that real and lasting enjoyment of life becomes the result.

The hope and prayer for this podcast is to pass on the teachings and practices that led me into rooted and lasting enjoyment, true pleasure and peace. I’ve witnessed these things lead countless clients, students, and friends into an experience of knowing and loving themselves,


knowing and loving their lives, and knowing and loving the people and places they are in. I believe when we are well taken care of on all levels of our being, we want the people and places we interact with to be well taken care of as well.

The cards, the imagery, the descriptions, and the practices, are meant to remind you of your own knowing and wisdom. They are offered here to validate what you know to be true, and to question the limitations which inhibit you from knowing the beautiful reality that is available to you.

There are times in our lives when we need to see beyond what we are already seeing. That is the point of all divination. There are times in our lives when we just don’t know what to do, when we lack the optimal and satisfying skills to navigate a situation we are in. The purpose of self and professional development is the cultivation of skills needed to accomplish your visions.

Everything in this podcast is inviting you to ask and listen. Listen and ask. To relate to your body, your life, your visions in deep intimacy. Taking the time to heal the disconnect, the othering, and stories that have ripped at the faithful, vision having, loved and loving darling precious being you are.

When you are really you and embrace everyone and, indeed, everything, people and the natural world of which we are a part, as we are, needing and expressing in our unique ways, miracles happen. When we respect and find true compersion in our sameness and differences then the very foundations of how we think, feel, and collectively make decisions as families, communities, businesses, societies shift into one of enhancing mutual benefit.

Many of the teachings and practices are meant for the strong of heart, courageous of the mind, and dedicated of spirit. These are summonings and requests to meet yourself in the depths and love what is there. These are invitations to enter your body and embody your soul and then make choices about your life. All your bodies, and all your minds, and all your lives, from the deep subtle to the overt and material. This ia a charge to make choices about the very vibrational existence you inhabit.

The teachings and practices are all from my lived experiences, both as a child mystic who has always spoken with the divine, my ancestors, angels, and spirit guides, and as one who has been blessed with initiations, blessings, and healings from innumerable lineages and teachers across the globe. I bow in deep honor and respect and each and every one who has contributed to the reclaiming of my bloodline and spiritual ancestral lines of wisdom, and the ways that is expressed and shared here.

At the core of loving your life is the power you have to create your life. Do you know what you are creating? Are you interested in seeing that honestly? When you see what you contributed to creating, you are reminded of what you are capable, and here is a potent place for all of us in this time of great, fast, and needed cultural and cosmic change.

Love your life by knowing it. Know it by being here. Being here isn’t always easy, and yet it is always sacred. Love what is here while its happening so we can be in this world and create the one we want together.

I love my life. It is magnificent and it is what I have. May you love yours.