Hi loves!!!

I am in total launch mode and a BIG PROJECT will be announced later the week! So excited, it’s coming together and I am thrilled to unveil so soon!

For those of you who were with me at Omega, this week’s video is a throw back to the trust building we did together.

Truth telling and shame clearing are two of my favorite and most effective healing techniques. This video is about their meeting point. I offer an exercise you can use to clear the heaviness of secrets or internal voices with yourself or in relationship.

Relationship — anyone/thing you relate to!

Meaning I encourage you to play these heart opening and truth telling games with family, friends, community members, as well as partners.

The prompt for this exercise consists of:

“I am willing to admit that . . . ”

“The thing I am afraid to say out loud is . . . ”

Since I made this video I added a step. When the sharing is complete the listener/s say:

“I honor you.
I hear you.
I see you.
I thank you.
I love you.”

Play with it. Does it feel best to respond every round, every few times, or at the end?

At the end of the video I talk about a realization I had that turned into a vow — “Honest communication and compassion at all costs and at all times for all involved.”

I’m not claiming that I do this all the time — I am telling you that it’s a vow I made so that when given a moment of awareness inside myself in which I am deciding and weighing truth telling, cost, judgement, and compassion . . . I’ve already decided how it’s going down. It’s going down with truth telling and compassion, towards myself and others.

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