Hello Loved Ones,

This past weekend we had the company of a profoundly powerful new moon.

The themes I have seen repeatedly emerging are releasing shame and embodiment.

The first, healing shame is an intensive experience. It requires revealing, exposure, sharing, and intimacy. We carry ideas, stories, and beliefs that create a heaviness in our spirit. Shame creates isolation and then it demands more isolation.

Here is my call to your tender spirit who is tempted to believe that you’re actually a piece of shit — you are not. You are a precious complex and beautiful being.

Which leads entirely into embodiment — embodying your precious, complex, and beautiful human being.

Claim that. Claim that in the face of it being incredibly challenging and counter-culture. Claim it in-spite of your family’s expectations. Claim it by breathing deep in the face of fear. Claim the truth that grows love out of wounds. Claim your wholeness. Claim it right now.

If you are willing, say this: “I choose to believe in my wholeness and do what it takes to release the shame I have been carrying.”

Here is a medicine song to support and soothe you in your healing!!!

Your healing. My healing. Our healing. The healing.

I am whole just as I am.

Thank you.

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Blessings and mad wild grateful love,

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