The Rising of the Wise One Council was incredible. Moving, powerful, gentle, inspiring. I am so grateful for everyone who participated. The stories of healing have been pouring in all week as people are watching the recording on their own time and/or finding words to describe what they experienced. (If you want to listen or watch the recording its still up and you are invited to do so, just sign up at this link to get instant access.)

This week is a total adventure. We are moving out of our house, putting all that we can’t fit in our car in storage, and setting out to cross the country. We don’t know where we’ll land, and we’re not planning on knowing ’til we find it.

Acknowledging and grateful tears come at every corner: thanking our bed before it moves out to its new home, giving my desk to a friend, dropping the car off for its mechanic check-up. Everything is a sign that this “idea,” this “plan,” is now, currently, presently, a reality.

I just keep thinking how beautiful my life is now — the life that has fed the courage to take off, launch a new biz model, take what we can fit in the car and finally fulfill the teen dream of driving across the country, and to some of my friends, the inevitable living in Cali I was always destined to do at some point. It feels beautiful, touching, scary, fun, exciting, and unknown.

This week I have a video for cleaning up relationships with people who have died — your recent ancestors. Parents, siblings, friends, grandparents.

This video comes at a great time. We are in the middle of the Jewish Calendar’s Holy week, which is all about owning up to your shortcomings and making amends, as well as participating as other people make amends with you.

Forgiving and being forgiven.

In my experience, that is really all that’s between you and the Beloved, God, consciousness, your soul, whatever you want to call it. Healing any relationship is an exercise in healing the one relationship we have.

Healing relationships is really helpful for having peace of mind and clarity moving forward. It always amazes me how much an old hurt can hold me and other people back.

I talk about “having it out” with your loved ones, or your hated ones for that matter. Come clean, get clean, and don’t stop till you get to the gratitude. Here’s what I offer you though, don’t force the positivity or the compassion, just stay honest and all that love and compassion stuff will come out once you’ve acknowledged the crap on top of it.

Lots of love and extra long hugs (bonus that happens a lot during transition),
Sophia Wise One

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