… So I thought my nausea would subside after a few days.
Instead, as the days went on I heard more and more stories from friends and clients of unsettled stomachs, vomiting, and/or appetite misbehavior. Then the list of challenging symptoms expanded in myself and others: unexplained fatigue, flu like symptoms, emotional sensitivity, “I feel like I am pre-menstrual, but I am not”, lack of focus, vivid dreams, unexpected news, multiple deaths (unexpected and expected), realization of unhealthy relationships (or attachments to old ones), deep grief over stagnancy and in general, and an awareness of something big happening- an urge to say things like, “It’s really happening,” knowing that although it sounds vague and somewhat ridiculous, it feels honest.Whatever “IT” is – is definitely happening.

7369261_origWe are IN the seasonal harvest. We are not just harvesting fruit and veggies, we are also doing the labor intensive work of emotionally/physically sorting the wheat from the chaff. Coring apple seeds from apples. Sorting is an essential part of a vibrant harvest, to be completed before feasting. YAY FEASTING!

If you do not sort your harvest you end up feasting on things you don’t want, like applesauce with arsenic in it, or lessons learned contaminated with the continued burden of past regrets. Oh, the weight of regrets! The sorted and prepared harvest is what energetically or literally feeds you later in the winter, so sort AS you harvest. You may have a flood of old memories and waves of emotions, and this is a chance to fully process. It’s a time to let go and integrate the past that you have been holding on to.

This year in Taos, the fruit trees are laden with more fruit than most people know what to do with. Plums, apples, and pears galore. At every gathering someone brings a box or basket of fruit that must be shared. Abundance.



This abundance, this energetic, spiritual, soulful, earthly abundance causes the storehouses to be FULL and the sorting and processing required mighty. I’m not an astrologer, but I can feel the strong influence of the recent eclipse, full moon with mercury in retrograde, and now the richness of the new moon. I could feel in my bones and belly that the eclipse was not just a “lovely view” of spinning planets and their shadows. The mighty spinning planets reflect their shadows inside our own being.

Right now we are harvesting our answered prayers. Sometimes this can be amazing, and other times challenging because we are surprised by the reality of what we’ve been asking for (conscious or subconsciously). Sometimes reality doesn’t feel or look as we expected.

This receiving can be seen and felt as a vortex. Yeah, super energy terms here, Sophia’s decades of new age and ancient wisdom exposure comes in handy in these moments, because the knowledge of it really helps us work with it.


The harvest always has an element of a vortex because the inward gathering motion’s speed is proportional to the purging, sorting, or release.

It is the power of taking in AND releasing that creates transformation.

We do not transform without releasing what was and receiving what is.

As we fill our being, or fill the landscape of our world with light, love, new perspectives, insights, visions, and our unified self, all that is not that gets pushed to the edges and spun out.
If this relates to your sensitive and curious nature and recent experience, it is because you are evolving, healing, and transforming with immense speed and pressure. Truly this sorting and harvesting are growing pains and joys, and for many nausea.

I have a few offerings that can help alleviate symptoms and help make sense of this immense undertaking:

For the physical body nausea can be supported by ginger, mint, and chamomile teas or treats. If the nausea comes from grief, doing things that make the body release dopamine can really help. I encourage you to work a little, take a bath or nap, have a hug that is over 20 seconds long, or make a dinner and movie date with an old friend even if its over the phone. Sometimes longstanding relationships can help stabilize us when our life up close feels so uncertain.

There are also many energetic approaches to engaging and supporting these intense changes:

#1) YOU ARE DOING GREAT! – Radical Acceptance 
You are supposed to feel like crap right now, at least sometimes, because you are witnessing your own transformation. You are watching old patterns, feelings and ways of being pass by, and this looks and feels like crap. Many of us are having it partnered with immense gratitude and a deep sense of “my dreams are coming true,” “my prayers are being answered,” so it’s not all poop-stick. During this time what feels bad is essentially good. What you send out (release) is proportionate to what you take in. Are you with me?You are not feeling bad because you did something wrong. Nothing is wrong. It (meaning your life) is yours to make medicine with, so accept you are feeling bad. Consider you are feeling this way because you are purging feeling bad. So purge purge purge, and be gentle with yourself. How shitty we feel is always in relationship to how deeply we love and care, so if your feeling this terrible, remember I know its cause you are an immense lover. This is hard work that we asked for (if you have been asking for healing or transformation you are included in the we) and it’s happening, kinda whether you like it or not.
As you fill with love, you become aware of all that IS NOT LOVE. You are purging all that is not love. You witness all the ways you have not been love. Thank you! Goodbye old ways.

BLESS IT. Bless the shit out of it. No matter how awful, bless it and allow it to flow past, watch the blessing touch and change it as it goes. You might watch your old patterns from a distance, floating like a boat down a river, waving them off. “That’s not me anymore. Thank you Goodbye.”

Or, you might feel like you are boatless, up close and personal in the river, feeling it intimately in every cell of your body, being pulled rough and tumbled down stream to the port you’ve been trying to get to, or perhaps as the river itself. Bless that too.
Is this clear?

♥ ♥ ♥
This simple practice takes 60-90 seconds. Get on your hands and knees, take three deep breaths and come into owning this vortex thing. You could say, “I know I am in a vortex. I know I am a vortex.”With every breath breathe in and follow with your imagination (make it up, who cares if it’s right, it’s good for the brain and being to play) sense, see, feel, hear, sense a vortex moving through you, all your prayers and wishes following in and everything that is not that truest self spinning out, just like a vortex spinning out in every direction.

For 1-2 minutes, every hour or two, participate, engage, support and allow. And if it feels right, acknowledge that this is happening to and for the Earth too. Join her, for her, and receive help from her.

Below are 4 different and relatively big rituals, so I am going to explain why you would do them and then link to pages specifically for detailed instructions.


I recommend that you read them and PICK ONE to start with. 



Read and trust what resonates with you and give it a go. You can always come back and try another after. Please don’t overwhelm yourself by saying you’re a spiritually healing super hero (you are) and you need to do them all.
Do ONE that sounds right for right now, and then after if you want more come back and see what’s next:


Can be great for a current or past relationship like a ex, friend, co-worker, family member, or romantic partner. It is especially helpful with those of whom you are feeling that unhealthy and stubborn attachment to or feelings of regret city, which at times can feel like obsession, with a particular person.

It can also be applied for a identity attachment to yourself.

This is a prayer and practice to help sort out what is your real and true connection, from what is your ideas, wounds, or medicine that you are projecting onto this person, and thus giving away your power. Bless you! (I just realized, I need to do this one actually. Ahhh, deep breath.)



This is a simple and powerful writing-based ritual to help acknowledge what is happening.

Change, transformation, and evolution can seem complicated. More often than not, it’s layered yet not complicated. And when we take the time to look and see all the simple and sane components we can feel much more light, and supported, and have a general sense of, “Oh that makes sense. I GET IT!”


#5) GREIF RITUAL 202 – Honoring the Transition of a Loved One

Specifically designed for the grief of one who has walked on or crossed over. And it can be very powerful in any relationship transitions for example, breakups with others, self, or your faith/God.


#6) GREIF RITUAL 101 – Honoring the Grief and make space for what you love

Seasonally appropriate for the autumnal change, this is a supportive and powerful writing based grief ritual to help move the grief and honor what’s been pushed aside. (Some of you may remember this one from last winter. Tried and true :-D)


Remember, you are loved by at least God and me,




Harvest basket photo

Pear tree from my yard, I took the photo :-)

Vortex photo

Wheat from chaff hands photo

Pear tree from my yard, I took the photo :-)

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