Love Wins

There comes a time in a personal cosmos when love wins.

When the fort’s holding out, fearful of change, the unknown, movement, exposure, decide it’s worth it to crack the gate and try negotiation.

A time when Love walks through with gentle steps, and all look on suspiciously. When the General meets with Love in front of the army.

And the General says, “What do you offer?”

And Love replies, “All I am. All I have. All I will become.”

“What will guarantee this is a good idea?”

Love looks around at the famine, the exhaustion, the bitterness growing, and says, “The guarantee is that your other choice is only more hunger, more tiredness, and the growth of the bitterness here. You have welcomed my invitation because, I see you all have had enough of that. Let us see what else is possible.”

The General is quiet, “You see our suffering, yes, but you also see us. We exist from our fierce resilience. We lasted so long because of our efforts. You promise no such safety.”

Love nods, “Yes. Alas, you fight an enemy that has long since left and I am all you fight now, but you cannot see that through your walls. If you open the gates you can send patrols, you all may walk and stroll through the outer lands in freedom. And so with you at the edges you will know well in advance when anything that is not love approaches. And you can set them on another path, or if need be close the gates upon good reason.

It is an entirely new way to live. I offer no promise but the promise of food, good sleep and the growth of joy. Risk too. Change. Excitement. Peace.”

The General sat silent. Looked around at the shell of a home it was, and asked, “How long does this offer last?”

And Love, smiling, eyes shining said, “Forever.”

And as Love left that day, the gates didn’t close behind and love filled in with all its promises and more.

Happy Sweet 16.

Love Wins Audio

In love and blessings,

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