I love you. And I honor your loved one.

Below there are individual options and a bigger ritual outlined at the bottom to celebrate, heal, honor, and support yourself the soul of a loved one crossing from life into death or the afterlife, transition from in body to releasing the body. The time when they leave their bag of bones behind and walk on into the next adventure.

Options for honoring your beloved:

♥ ♥ ♥

~ The first thing I do is light a candle and pray for the whole and complete passage of the soul. Some traditions say 4 days, others say 40, others say 1 year. Time is an illusion; what I know is that there is a gateway, a threshold they have to pass to move from their Earth-walk into oneness. So light the candle and pray for that, open your heart and honor and say anything left unsaid, or anything you want to say again, and give your blessings for them to fully go.

Tell them you know you’ll be closer in this passage then ever. That their crossing is a gift and an Honoring of all that their life was.
Leave the candle lit safely as long as possible. Sometimes I get electric candles and put them on the mantel or on my altar. Place the candle(s) there until either you intuitively feel it’s complete or it burns out. You could also get tea lights and light one everyday (until you start forgetting to or you feel the ritual is complete) then light three and honor the wholeness and completeness.

~ Sit and meditate and ask to hear anything needed to be known and then free write and let it pour out.

~ Make an offering to the earth in thanksgiving and with your prayers. If you menstruate, the next time you bleed make a blood offering for them and their life giving presence to you. Blood offering quick tour: keep your blood, if you don’t know how you can place your menstrual product in a bucket of cold water and let it soak, and then use the blood water and pour it on the earth while you pray.

~ You can give them an intuitive healing session (if you know they would be open to it) everyday until it feels done. If you don’t know if they are open.? Ask. Listen. Adhere, and trust yourself. Invite them to receive it, and then do it without expectations.

~ Ahhhhh yes, you can sing sing sing to them. You can hear some of my medicine songs here.

♥ ♥ ♥

One Big Ritual where you do all of these things:

Light a candle



Say unsaid things

Give a healing session to them

Listen for anything to hear- write it out


Make an offering: blood, corn, chocolate, salt, tobacco, fruit or food, or anything else you’re inspired to give


Sing sing.

♥ ♥ ♥

I love you.

Blessings on your ancestors, and decedents.


Learn more about how to heal with your ancestors with these two videos: Healing with recent ancestors & Healing with Big Ancestors

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