This is a prayer and practice to help sort out what is your real and true connection, from what is your ideas, wounds, or medicine that you are projecting onto another person, and thus giving away your power. It’s about claiming your power while honoring the love.

A lot of healing practitioners out there will talk about “cutting cords.” And this can be helpful, but I have found incredibly temporary if you do not change your internal relationship to the relationship. This is a part of my version of “cord cutting.”

This is a sacred path of allowing the true connection of love between you and a loved one, inviting healing for yourself, and releasing projections you’ve made of them. It’s a space to allow any soul or energetic conversations that need a space to occur.

Can be great for a current or past relationship like an ex, friend, co-worker, family member, or partner. It is especially designed for those whom which you are feeling that unhealthy and stubborn attachment to or feelings of regret city, which at times can feel like obsession, with a particular person It can also be applied for a identity attachment to yourself.

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1) Acknowledge there is both a true connection that is blessed and sacred and a powerful projection of your own medicine, wounds, power, peace, etc. with this person. “I acknowledge there is a sacred and true soulful connection between __________ and me. I also acknowledge that many of my thoughts or dream or feelings about them are not actually about them, but are my own self and my own needs, power, and medicine that I have attach­­­ed and projected onto this person.”

2) Create a scheduled time once a month for this ritual. Put this on the calendar and treat these appointments with respect. (I.e. rescheduling if you can’t make it, etc)

This is a time where you can consciously be with any of the mysterious connection, blessings or messages that may be happening between the two of you on a soul level.

3) Open the ritual: “I have arrived to honor our soul connection and for the next 15 minutes I am open to sharing and receiving honest, blessed, mysterious and true communion on a soul level.“

4) Prayer: “By the power that I AM and the divine wisdom and love that I am, I summon the forces within me and those who walk with me to hear and bless and bring forth my prayers. Thank you in advance for your love and assistance.

I retract and unhook my attachment from the being of _______________, energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and in all other known and unknown ways – knowing that our true and real connection is not based on or changed by any of these attachments, and our true interconnectedness cannot be broken or damaged, for we are in perfect and divine relationship, as I am with all things. I invite the untangling of my projections from our shared soulful connection.

All energies, thoughts, discontents, gratitude, forgiveness or misgivings that is rightfully between _______________ and I gather at the scheduled time for clearing and optimizing the true and real thread between us.

I call all my power, my medicine, my joy, and all known and unknown energies that are truly mine that have been projected onto _______________. I invite you and bless you in your wisdom and thank you for all your attempts to reach me in the ways made available to you.

Know this, from now on, all visions or thoughts, etc. of _______________ will be treated as symbolic medicine for me to digest and be with for my own healing and enlightenment, and all actual relationship things will take place inside the time designated and held in blessed sacred sanctuary for whole healing there.

5) Fill in the following prompts:

As I say these prayers I am aware…

I am grateful for…

I ask for blessings of the hardest part of this, which I already know will include…

I can feel in my own body…

I ask and call in blessings to these very places, knowing my sensations are my body’s song of healing.

6) Closing: Be with me as I walk into this new way of being. Bless this journey of self-knowledge and compassion. Thank you for the guidance I know you will provide and the healing you are.

I thank myself for this practice, potent wisdom, embodied love, and …

Thank you for all I have already learned, healed, become, and am becoming. I love you sweet divine. I am blessed by this very prayer and acknowledge that you receive it.

Amen! Satnam! Blessed be! And so it is!

♥ ♥ ♥



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