Hello dear,

Geez. It’s been a doozy of self realization recently.I mean – can we catch a break from discovering our short comings already? I mean the deep ecstatic empowerment that follows with the tinkle and rush of subtle and profound miracles makes it worth it and all – butyeeeezzzzeeers.

Here’s something a little light hearted AND deeply supportive and helpful for when I am either inspired and in full-force-faith-mode OR at my wits end and wanting to give the universe a big ol‘ F-you. (I was somewhere in the middle of those this morning when cosmic shuffle hit the spot once again.)


So whether you need a little healing, pick me up, maybe some celebration and joy honoring, or chilling maxin’n’relaxin‘? This music is my favorite for any of those.

I love chanting, I love bells, I love rounds, and flutes. AND I love handing all of my music collection over to the powers at be to determine a magical best fit for me.

Next time you need a message, don’t know what to listen to, or get a little voice that whispers give “Cosmic Shuffle a try,” go for it and see what the cosmos wants to offer you.

I often, in an uncanny kind of way, get a lot of Missy Elliot . . . I’ll tell you though — only when it is SO freaking perfect. Cosmic Shuffle takes some surrendering.

I use Cosmic Shuffle with my clients as well. So we are all on the same page I tell them, “I’m going to put on Cosmic Shuffle, so we are just going to accept whatever comes on as the optimal medicine for this moment.” And then AWAY we go!

I’ve been listening to Cosmic Shuffle all day while working. The difference between shuffle and Cosmic Shuffle is I make this request as I put the music on — I ask for optimal healing.

ASKING — it can be awesome.

Distance Internet Hug!

Love to you precious sweet on i precious sweet times.

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