Hello awesome spirit full of dreams and good ideas!

The journey of travel and adventure is poking and prodding me to check in with myself — am I on track?

Am I living an awesome adventure — AND am I living an awesome adventure that is MINE?

Am I including the elements that make it my dream life, attending to my top values, treasuring the inspirations and wisdom that dwell and have always dwelled within me?

I am certainly checking in daily these days, and finding and re-finding the consistent elements. And if you’re finding waves of grief, or waves of irritability, it may be the grieving of what is¬†passing through as all you’ve asked for comes crashing into you life.

I have been calling¬†it: 2015 – Alignment at All Costs. Not just for me, for everyone I’ve been connecting to. For that – I offer a deep breath and choice to receive the love sitting just at the edge of your resistance.

Grab some paper and something to write with and join me in a 5-minute journey to remember your childhood dreams and bring some of that inspiration into adult fulfillment.

The inner Wise One/Grown One is equally as important to have access to. One way you can cultivate that Wise One is by actively working with your little as explored in the meditation from my Spring Medicine Kit.

Love to You and Your Childhood Dreams,

MERCURY HUGS and Permission to Heal,


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