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How’s dropping all the chains and loving yourself going? Really, send an email to sophia@sophiawiseone.com and let me know. Something sticking? Maybe I can help. May something I share today can support your moment.

It’s downright breathtaking and breath giving for me — what a wondrous and wild world we are living in. I am in New Mexico, and the land here sings my heart into such deep remembering. I have been made anew with travel to the west, study with one of my teachers, deep communion with friends and colleagues, loves and lovers. I am cliterally living the life I risked everything to have a year ago.

It’s actually what is happening.

I bow.

I dance.

When I hit an edge of disbelief or withdrawal or shut down, I breathe deeply and say out loud, “Thank you. Thank you for this moment and experience of exactly what I asked for.”

I have two things to share with you today, they are both parties with a dear friend and beloved of mine. Brittany Policastro is a powerhouse who, much like me, uses the landscape of her own healing and learning to educate and liberate people.

The first party is a Vagina Talks episode! Brittany Policastro and I talk about good girl liberation. We explore why and how it has been worth it to take risks to become and express our authentic selves.

The second party is Brittany Policastro’s awesome online summit where I get to speak on the topic of VOICE. The whole summit is very personal, feeding into social justice awareness and work. Mystic Women Rising is a space where people go deep and rich on self and collective. So obviously I’m a fan.

Follow this link to join the free summit and hear my talk »

Hosted by Brittany Policastro, Mystic Women Rising is a 7-day online series of 14 impactful and intimate interviews dedicated to giving women the tools and support to embrace vulnerability, challenge social norms, empower your sexuality, reclaim your magic and embody your worth.

Join the FREE Mystic Women Rising Summit and Discover:

– How understanding codependency can help you create healthy boundaries

– The true purpose of the body positivity movement.

– The intersection of privilege, vulnerability and equity.

– How to empower your voice without disempowering others

– Which essential oils will keep you healthy, protect your boundaries and keep you calm

– How to use your vital sexual energy as a powerful magnet

– How to empower yourself through media literacy

– How to move beyond social norms and conditioning to choose your own authentic way to live

– Different forms of privilege and how to bring conscious awareness to them

– Why self-pleasure is vital to your worthiness and well being

– Tips, tools, and meditations to support you on your journey of self-evolution, healing and thriving


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