Hey sweet love!

I am really excited to share this video with you, because it’s crude, playful, and one of the MOST USEFUL things I do for my very active mind! I call it a Brain Dump and I explain it all in the video!!!!! I am using this exercise on the road almost every time I sit down to do any work, sometimes multiple times a day to get clear.

Sometimes the mind gets so filled with things that we can’t sort any of them out. At times all I can hear is a rotating to do list. Other times, all I can hear are days old regrets or relationship snafus I want to make amends on but with which I’m dragging my feet.

There are so many things that we “keep track of” inside our minds that just become clutter. The Brain Dump practice helps me really see what I am trying to navigate. It’s all about the holistic approach here, not just listing the to-dos that need to be done, but also writing down the emotional, spiritual, and creative swirling.

In short — take a stack of papers and the mission is to put whatever goes through your mind into written form so as to ease the internal running amuck and anxiety.

Lots of love and one song dance parties,

Recommended dance tune song if you need one: World Is Our Playground by DJ Vice ft. Mike Taylor

If you need a more emotional quiet and moving gentle tune try this: You Don’t Have To Be Afraid by Kaki King

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