Blood and Spiritual Lineage — We have both!!!! I break it down in here!

We are a product of all that came before (and in a trippy way, cause there’s not time/space continuum, we are a product of everything that comes after us as well) many kinds and many lines.

The lineage that we come from has many facets and real life implications.

The blood that runs through my veins is the blood that was passed down to me. Each minute when I make new blood cells, I am using a blueprint that evolved through those ancestors.

And to totally break your brain, the egg that you came from was fully formed in your birth mother before she was born. That egg was created by the flesh and food of your blood grandmother. WHA! And energetic imprints started then too.

Spiritual lineage, which I understand to be very REAL, is where past lives, or dream visions, or synchronistic signs, or spiritual traditions that have initiations where you get connected in to a line of teachers, comes in. Or lineages that are not human or even earthly! Wild.

Then there blood/spiritual/nurture lineage. Like my mother was adopted, so I now have three sets of grandparents: Dad’s, Mom’s adopted and known family, and my Mom’s birth parents. This also applies to varying degrees in marriages, with step parents and siblings, half siblings, and a whole lot more.



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