Biz Birthing In The Red Tent: Your Unique and Soul Satisfying Program


  • Are you an intuitive healer who is ready to evolve your practice and bring out the next big vision that’s been brewing inside?
  • Does your body ache to be doing more in the world? Do you feel that what you’re doing for a living is missing something essential?
  • Are you filled with great ideas on how to help the world yet get stuck when trying to make it happen?
  • Do you need help turning those ideas into concrete plans which will translate into profound and effective programming?
  • Are you terrified the real work you want to do is buried deep inside you and you’ll never get the courage to bring it out?

You’re not alone. There are so many of us carrying around what truly feed us and the world inside. I’ve been there, and as I evolve I am returned there time and again. It can be excruciating to feel like you are doing everything that you are “supposed to,” and know it’s not complete. I know how much you want to be honest, authentic, to make a positive contribution AND make money. I know that as we grow, every time we start to create something new – IT’S A MIRACLE. It’s a birth.

My name is Sophia Wise One and I help people swimming (which can feel like drowning) in the soup of inspired and Divine ideas to make them into a lucrative program or package.  And, I understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed by possibility and your own power and need help getting clear. And I know what it is like for ALL acts to be done in a sacred, conscious, womb, spirit centered way.

If this is you, then schedule a complimentary strategy session with me and we’ll talk it out.

I was a child who came into this world mostly spiritually intact; adoring The Beloved and the multi-verses from whence we came. I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours developing skill sets to help people deeply heal, transform their lives and discover a kinder and more fun existence. I spent 10 years as a practitioner dedicated to serve as many people while learning as much as I could.

After 10 years I realized that I still couldn’t afford my own health insurance or groceries on a regular basis. I had a magical life adventures, travel, friendship, but that lack financial sustainability was coming into question over and over again.

I found myself asking, “Can I do this healing work in the world, or do I have to grow up and get a real job?”

“I am spending all this time NOT doing what I know I would do best. I have a bigger gift to give, but how do I get there?”

There is a BIG struggle and a lot heartbreak on our planet and in our culture and it led me to ask myself the question. “Is what I’m doing and how I’m doing it having the greatest possible impact?” These questions turned into a mantra and prayers, “use me and all of my life to have the greatest optimal impact while I’m here.” Every answer to these prayers led to business training and development which felt like a cosmic joke to me. I am a healer! Why learn business? The message that I kept receiving was to be a healer, to follow and use the skills bestowed from birth, to utilize those gifts which I have cultivated. But also to learn to create a successful and generous and world saving business with all my heart and trusting my womb at the same time! And that is what I do, and I would love to help you do this too.

Do you know what it’s like to:

  • Ask to hear the real, full vision inside you and then just get cloudy and hazy. Confusion comes as a protector – once you’re clear your whole life will change, and you know it?
  • Feel upset, and consistently ask: “Why am given these gift and yet get STOPPED and stuck doing them!?”  I just watch myself not do what I KNOW I need to do! or “Why do I have these gifts to give to world yet I am unable to make the money to live and give back the way I dream of?”
  • Constantly question yourself and feel insecure about your choices? Doubt those sacred inspirations!? Ugh.
  • Have an idea for a program yet feel overwhelmed and wonder: How does this serve my clients? Can I fill it? How much do I charge?


Before [Biz Birthing] I had an idea of the unique work I wanted to offer but did not know how to make it into a solid, real, deliverable program. After engaging in the fun, nourishing and healing process that Sophia offers I now have a real program with educational components, a structure, a price, and confidence in talking about it. I’m excited to offer it to the world and excited to do the work I love. The process of birthing my biz was fun, dynamic, and deeply healing and transformational. Sophia is a powerful and clear-seeing presence and a fountain of love and truth in this world.



For over 15 years, I’ve been creating programs and training teachers;  from one-hour workshops to year long programs. I am thrilled to merge my skill set as a trainer with being a healer to support you to dig deep into your passions, tap into the core of your work, and create the program you want to share with the world. By listening to the aches inside you, your souls banging at the box (your body) to get its message heard.

I would be honored to be your guide and healer in the sanctuary of The Red Tent, a home to women’s wisdom and a rhythmic and creative space.

I am confident about ushering your visions into existence by creating a program that people will love to sign up for! And your body will awaken and enliven to do. I am a safe guide to take you into your deepest passions and make sure that it is a restorative and healing experience.

This is an spiritual initiation to get you from where you are to the YOU who makes it all come to be.

You’ll feel more connected after birthing that which is already in you waiting to come out. It’s what I live for, it’s my passion, and it’s my calling.

As a result of this program you will have a curriculum based on your deep womb/root, heart, and soul’s wisdom. And, you’ll have the structure to confidently and authentically make it happen.

Let me work with you to create the brilliant program you were born to share with the world.

Together we’ll sort the clutter from the gems, heal the blocks keeping you from taking action, birth your body of work and create a clear curriculum so that you know exactly what you are doing throughout your course or package.

Impact all of the people you want to reach in the process, and be abundantly sustained while you do it.

This exclusive offering includes:

  • Comprehensive Welcome Packet with worksheets and video to prepare for our session
  • 8 hour VIP Day with Sophia in person or over Skype
  • 3! 90 min follow up sessions via phone or Skype to get you through the process
  • Audio recording of our sessions for you to return to for wisdom anytime


Bonus Gifts:

  • Red Tent At-Home Starter Kit
  • 49 Day Money Puja

I charge a $99 fee for a 45-min Sorting Hat Call. On this consult, you will receive insight and recommendations on whatever topic you desire and we discuss further details and pricing of my Biz Birthing together. If this work is calling to you set up a Sorting Hat Call by using the online scheduler.

Imagine being so excited to share your work, in a package, with a sustainable price tag on it.

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning being confident that you merged your dreams, your passions, your body’s wisdom and your desire to help and heal the planet with an ability to sustain yourself.

See yourself going to bed at night inspired by all that you’re doing, and knowing it’s satisfying, spiritually sound work. It is possible to have a package that you are delighted and inspired by, instead of that heavy laden feeling in your stomach.

Imagine the excitement through your body and your heart when people say yes to you – and that feeling of being the person who gets to offer your work to the world.


Why a “Red Tent”? All things creative come from the womb, the cosmic womb, literal womb, or metaphoric womb. “Red Tent” is the practice of honoring the creative cycle that is so clearly play through a woman’s body. I practice many Red Tent Temple or moonlodge practices, and at the heart of all of them is this: Creativity is sacred, trust-worthy, and needed. The body is not the enemy but the teacher while on earth.”

Do I have to come into my sessions with you in person, I’m so far away? I would love to work with you in person or over Skype for the intensive day! Everything else is online.

Do I have to be a healer to work with you? I work with all transformational professionals. Quick story for you: I met physicist on an airplane who told me he has the same transformational philosophical worldview, only he sees it through the lens of physics. We talked about how he could merge his viewpoint and his philosophy to teach kids really wonderful and holistic learning about themselves and physics.

I already know how to do all the stuff. I’m a business coach myself. Why would doing your program help me? One of my business coach clients said, “Sophia, we all need a midwife in this process sometimes.”

I invite you to come into the Red Tent and into your soul’s sanctuary to unveil that which is already there. Let me guide you into the depths where your wisdom is waiting and to help you usher it into reality.

I am inviting you to schedule a strategy session with me so we can see what makes the most sense for you.

Let's see if Biz Birthing is the right choice for you...