I’ve been considering being a #FUNitarian. It crossed my mind in the laundromat on thursday night while thinking about my unbridled vision for the future.

I turned to Kim and asked, “what do think, shall we become FUNitarians?” She laughed, commenting she thought that could be a little in opposition to my whole take on embracing feelings like grief, rage, and shame. In a way, touché…. And yet – no! Not in conflict at all – as FUNitarians we would embrace the wild ride that is all emotions, and just maintain our commitment to eating FUN.

Cause I trust you, I will share the clip of stream of consciousness that lead me to “FUNitarian.” My big wild unedited dream vision: …Every step I take I am healing. Expressing. Rejoicing. I send vibrations of unification and empowerment. Balancing pelvic bowls that walk by if they want it just through sharing space. Abundantly sharing my knowing- like bell hooks, local spots for free near fancy places that pay. Making connections, bridging.
Deepening breath of God in my life.
Creatively following through on visions with hand picked support. Fully expressed visionary. High Priestess. FUNitarian.”

There you have it.

I’m into it. I haven’t worked out all the details – and I don’t usually subscribe to being any “thing” but, in jest, I could get really into FUNitarianism for a hot sec. How fun can we make the awakening and empowering process – I know priiiit-teeeee fun.

IT’S A CHALLENGE. A game I’m up for. I can, like most humans, get caught on a whim of taking myself too seriously. For the next run – I’ll think of it as a puja (a set sequence with prayerful intent). Funifying all tasks put before me AND all inspirations coming to me.

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The truth is I need a game like this right now. Join me? I’ve been so in the depths of learning and healing (which is kind of my deal…). I am due for a hankies-to-the-wind and snot-on-my-shirt stress-to-the-wayside adventure. How fun can this email be? How fun can this cry get? This technical mess up, how hard can I laugh at the idiosyncrasies of being on planet earth. I mean it’s beautiful – and also ridiculous.

Lalalala- yada yada – I have a class coming up that is going to f-Ing amazing with learning, laughing, bs busting, and healing that awakens us all together into deeper FUNitarianism. AKA Soul Unification baby! Consider it. (I’ll see if I can fun up the description page – I did laugh out loud when I finished it the first time. Delighted myself – so actually – perhaps it will do.)

Mission for fun. cause sh!t, the heartbreak of the world would crush us if we didn’t look to see the mystery that makes us giggle.

Love you a ton hope you play with me. Pictures, emails, texts. Whatever. #funitarian let’s give it a go.


ps. all day today I heard in my head “What do I need? I have everything I need.” Over and over and over again. Blessings to remembering your wholeness. xoxoxoxoxo

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