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Hi dear one,

Over the past three weeks I started a seven week journey with a dear friend and powerful transformational healer. I call her The Stone Doctor — Crystal who does with Crystal Resonance. In three weeks with the help of her, the earth, and this full moon, I am a new woman. I am delighted with the sense of unification and ease I am experiencing while making huge and vulnerable power moves!

Over past few weeks I have formulated my next group program, committed to doing a live virtual event in September 2014, and written an eBook. WHAT!

The eBook. I have it for you today. What! Bam! Magic in the air. Wrote it and now it’s all designed and beautifully laid out for easy use as a reference.

It’s transparently called, ALL IS WELL: 7 Master Teaching Secrets for Mentors, Coaches, Healers, & Facilitators. A great resource for teaching artists, practitioners, and just about any type of transformational professional or educator who wants to take a look at some of the guiding principles for embodied teaching and healing.

The eBook is full of real life stories and examples — you know how I do — and take away tips for applying these suggestions to your work. My hope is that this resource nourishes, enlightens, and reminds people of ways to bring optimal healing into the opportunities we have as teachers and guides.

I also hope that this eBook will be authentically useful and organically introduce me to new people — please share with someone who you think will find it useful. I hope that this eBook will go out into the world as a Master Teacher, teacher of healers, healer for teachers, teacher of teachers, and a healer for healers.

If you are stepping out into the world with your new self right now, high five! and a hug, and a deep breath . . . it feels good right? If you are aching to come out, let that ache guide you into the cry that is begging to become a song. Breathe deep and see if you can find one next step to move you into that freedom.

Love and profound gratitude is what I am experiencing this very moment.

The creation of this eBook is what happened as a result of allowing myself to get the support I was longing for . . . movement, expression, ease, joy, risk, courage, and vulnerable sharing. Here we go!

If you want to read the eBook, enter your information in this form and you will receive a link to download the file:

I am jamming out to trip hop on SoundCloud right now and feeling the summer peak of possibility! I am sitting in front of my computer at midnight and I have jury selection in the morning, and yet, I feel like I am dancing my heart out under an endless starry sky.

Thank you for believing in me and loving me. You. Divine. Me. Thank you for making love grow. We are going to need that to keep growing to turn the tide of this planet… so every bit is very important to me. Thanks.


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