Three ways to constructively address the collective energetic upheaval from this massive global shift taking place.

You are feeling it because you are capable of helping care for it. There is a lot of fear, illness, death, basic need concern, political concerns, and future heartache happening across the globe. Here in the USA we can sense that the next 2-4 days will be revealing the landscape we will be navigating for the next bit and there are waves of anxiety and fear that come with all that.

There is a lot of sporadic and trauma being activated and created right now that we can support right now. If you are aware that you are sensing it, then you are the exact person to shift it.

Below are the ways I have been working with settling my personal being while also supporting the collective when the waves come through.

  • Syn with the Planet.

Steady your breath and feel your heartbeat. Bring your focus to feel the earth’s heartbeat and womb presence (they may not feel separate to you so don’t overthink it). Allow you your heart and womb space to sync with the heart and womb of the planet. She is offering the restorative, calming, and healing frequencies we need. Connect with her through and allow your body to be an amplifier of those frequencies. This will settle your own nervous system and nourish others. The womb link is powerful and the heart nourishment essential.

  • Visit the quantum field.

First, observe what you can sense. Parts are vibrating gorgeously right now with clarity and purpose, life force flowing and generative. Other parts are incoherent and choppy. Once you get the lay of the web you can use your various practices. I mostly use the power of awareness and sacred acceptance and blessings whatever is there. You can invite an optimize way of being to reveal from within the incoherent places. Most important to keep in mind here is to sit in your position as an observer and let your highest self guide the healing in the quantum field, not your idea or agenda on what should be happening, deep and cosmic medicine is taking place. You want to support the wisdom unfolding, so be gentle and attentive, and release all notions of control, right and wrong.

  • Chanting/singing/toning harmonize on the three planes of existence.

Here you are using the principle of resonance with your physical voice and body and being. Take a few deep breaths, clearing yourself and focusing on clearing your own self and the collective. including yourself is essential for optimal potency. When you are ready, take a moment to invite yourself to focus and connect to the collective for the specific plane. (There are a million names for this perspective on our reality, use the ones that work for you.)

  • Physical, observable, or conscious plane
  • Mental/emotional, electric, imaginary or subconscious plane
  • Quantum, vibrational or unconscious plane

As you connect to each plane open your mouth and allow sound to move through you. Feel to the tones or sounds vibrating in your body. Do 3 or 9 rounds, or pick a chant for each plane. Feel for a shift in you and then move on.

You can place your hands gently palms open (face up or down which feels right to you) for the whole time or you can do these hand positions for each:

You can’t do this wrong. You are working with the potent practice of sound to clear and create coherency. Find what works for you.

  • Physical, observable, or conscious plane (hands on your womb or lower belly and heart)

  • Mental/emotional, electric, imaginary or subconscious plane(hands off your body holding the energetic field)

  • Quantum, vibrational or unconscious plane (hands in a line in front of you)

Most most most important is to stay connected to your own coherence and clarity. You are contributing to the collective, so is this time, your care of self is as important as ever. SUpport, and care for others, and also take care of your vibes. It is the best and most effective way to take care of the whole.

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