Summer was intense and full, and here we are now, where it is for many even more intense and even more full. On the Full Moon I got this message loud and clear: 13 Days. 13 Days of immense healing and upheaval. For each of us personally and for the collective planet. I’ve done this work (the work of waking up and being conscious that is) long enough to know that often healing and upheaval go hand in hand. My favorite meaning of healing is “becoming more whole.” Which means we are already whole and that there is more to become. That “becoming” means change, and although adaptation is a major gift for us humans, change is not easy and often is uncomfortable. It requires what was previously in existence to be disturbed so as to have something new.

We are now on day 5, so including today 9 more days to go. For me this has included a litany of experiences. In short hand I call it tripping. In specific it has included: blisters, headaches, dizziness, cuts and bruises on legs, feeling exhausted, plagued by feeling of guilt, shame and hate, emotional snippiness, sleeping, and feeling like the time/space continuum is playing games with me…not so fun. Well the last one can be… it has also included magical synchronistic things, like phone calls out of the blue sharing messages that put all the pieces together, plans that felt vague and all over the place being clear and outlined, patterns inside relationships breaking- like actually being different, manifesting physical things, for me it was a couch in less than 24 hours. This time is not a bad time, but it is intense and as far as I can sense it’s still building it’s momentum. The best practice I have to offer you in this is stopping and intentionally sensing the physical experience and subtle energies around you. Breathe and invite the movement to synchronize not dissipate. Harmonize. Integrate. If possible have a good and forgiving sense of humor about shit going awry. I wouldn’t make any major commitments until, at least, mercury goes out of retrograde, which is soon if not today. but don’t ask me, look it up. :-)

Below are a few things I wanted to share with you. I have some much to share with you since it’s literally been months since I wrote, but I am going to just share a few things.

1) In June I made this video in which I share this Mirror Meditation. A very vulnerable and precious practice of practicing empathy, deep listening, witnessing, and truth speaking all at once… with yourself. I explain it, and do a self conscious honest demo in this video.Check it out if you want a practice to help you get connected to your own core or truth, experience being heard and seen, and/or get better at staying present with other people (practice with you first, and you’ll get better with others, the skills translate.)

I want to share this one podcast because we talked about courage to change and heal. Feels appropriate.

3) PARTICIPATE IN THE VORTEX exercise is explained more in-depth in last years Seasonal Wisdom of Fall blog post, where i share a few of the same feelings there… no surprise there.

4) Update on the Wisdom Deck. I have completed the deck and have a box with 115 decks and 120 die. I have been preparing and more recently being prepared by spirit to dive deep into writing the companion book. In fact, this newsletter is part of completing things that I want to do before I happily focus and intentionally allow myself to disengage with the outside world and write. I don’t know how it will all happen, I’ve never done it before… I imagine it will be something like and nothing like writing my thesis. Time line? I am trusting without predicting… if you want more up-to-date glimpses into my world or work process I imagine I will be posting and playing on instagram.

5) I am still booking private intensives in New Mexico at a place that is hiking distance from hot springs. If you want to retreat to the depths of yourself and do some deep healing work for you and the planet, hit me up, we can talk about that.

6) There is so much happening in the world, big struggles and big actions, I am honoring that aspect of the world with this today: This moving song by a friend and sister of mine from New Mexico. We have been in each other healing circles and have great affection for each other. She is currently at Standing Rock doing ceremony and holding the line for water and land. Check out and maybe even share her powerful message.

you can follow her at 

Love you, bless you, and bless us all,

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