The Positive Force Team

In this episode, Sophia Wise One, Javier Coy and Maryella Marie discuss:

  • Investigating & sharing the Art of Living through conscious social art and music avenues meant to heighten the vibrations of the collective public.
  • Directing for live performance pieces, curating cultural & language experience in nature for teenagers, and holding space for open and experimental self-practice for curious seekers of presence, breath, balance, voice, and movement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Maryella encourages her public to observes and dance with their fears, using them to feed the art of living.
  • Their hope for this project is to take the listener or viewer on a reawakening ride and to

continue bringing people together to create community, exposing & combining forces with local artists on projects that “elevate consciousness” as they launch a lifestyle brand that functions as the heartbeat of The Positive Force Team and prepare to exhibit + tour their EP as a musical titled: THE POSITIVE FORCE TEAM PRESENTS: THE SUPERNATURAL — YOU AS A FORCE OF NATURE, a performance art piece with a manifesto to honor life as a work of art, and to play the love game 24/7, 100%.

  • We hope this project will invite humanity to become a HVMAN ARTS COLLECTIVE and strengthen our Cosmic Marriage to Mother Earth.

“Music is probably one of the ways I can show people a little bit of what’s going on in my own universe.” – Javier Coy

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