Your Root, Your Territory

In this episode, Sophia Wise One discusses:

  • Sophia’s shift in the way in which she moon lodges
  • Diving into the effects of stress and growing through it
  • How Sophia has been saying yes all along
  • Moving from where you are into where you want to be

Key Takeaways:

  • As an entrepreneur if your to do list is done, you’re not doing your job
  • Spring is the time where we grow really fast and it’s an incredibly vulnerable time
  • To move to where you want to be, you’ve got to breathe and intentionally let got of the gripping in your body
  • Spring brings discernment, decision making… when we know where we want to go, we can go somewhere

“My perpetual prayer is ‘am I willing to live my life differently, am I willing to be who I am?’ ” – Sophia Wise One

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