Recover from burn out, crappy relationship patterns, and unreponsive health issues

The Training Ground: Foundations

Here is the deal. We are in a crisis. In this world, in our politics, in our bodies and relationships, our culture is unwell and taking itself down. It’s real everyday.  

… and you already know this.

If you have found a way to make peace in yourself, then mark my words, people need you to help them learn how. If you know that you have made some peace and need a much deeper, sacred and safe space to heal even more, then this is the place!

You heal yourself, and then you give all of yourself to creating the life and world you want to live in.

I understand that the way we heal our culture is by building from a whole place. The Training Ground: Foundations is where we cover the basics that our world never taught us.  These are basic skills around feeling our feelings, understanding what healthy relationships look and feel like, knowing our desires, and having a free and authentic relationship with the mystery of life.  Spirit, God, Creator, magic – use WHATEVER name you feel called.  The point is that no matter the name there is a way to move in this world that respects and knows how to exist in a life giving way. 

We are in a time of a great awakening. And a great forgetting. A profound remembering and an intense commitment to denial.

The Training Ground: Foundations is where you commit and learn what was missed to be able to BE the truly, powerfully, exposed and expressed YOU so that you can use that potent medicine to heal this world.

Nothing short of it. That is the point.

You already have ways in which you do this work. Although it is “foundations,” this is far from a beginners’ space. This is advanced practice of intimacy, vulnerability, and development of profound presence.  It will bring up immense stuff and you must already have serious basic skills to make this beneficial and not overwhelming. 

I can tell you details about what we do and when, but the point of it is much more important. You will know yourself better in real and tangible ways.  Are you ready to start living YOUR life? Are you ready to be supported and loved while being your most POWERFUL, fierce, vulnerable, and loving self?

Are you willing to gather all of yourself and then use it to help other people? Is that why you are here? You know what you are supposed to do… you’re just not quite sure how to do that?  Let me help.

Let me call spirit with a power that will quake your bones and give you the permission your soul is begging you for, to heal and reveal your light on this planet.

Let me see your beauty and teach you the basic skills that were hunted out of our lineages, shamed, jailed, murdered, into secret and silence. We are remembering. We are telling each other. We are teaching each other. I will teach you. I will make space for you to teach me, teach others, and then call you forth with patience and dedication for you to truly and fully deliver your souls work into, onto and for this planet.

I am not fucking around. Are you?

Nine months. We will birth a new you.

To be clear, I will be teaching you about facilitation. This is masterclass on:

  • Curriculm and program design for impact, potentcy and care of your participants
  • Skill for implententing and guiding people through a complete and effective process
  • Your unique wisdom and how to intergate those elements into the modality and space you work within
  • How to safely and consciously build community and safe space that is not re-truamtizing

I have been been sharing what god told me and speaking with my ancestors since at I was a child, doing clairvoyance and bodywork, facilaiting and teaching workshop teaching since I was 13.  I have been practicing and gathering infomation for whole life. Professionally empowering thousands of people over the past decade and a half to trust their body and freely play and express themselves.

While we are doing our personal work, it is through the lens and understanding that you are being prepared to deepen the way in which you lead and serve.

This is The Training Ground for embodied medicine. Living in a way so that no matter what you are doing, you are a medicine person healing this world full-time.

All the while, we will dedicate and do deep healing for ourselves, each other and the Earth, because it is all connected. You will have skills and confidence to hold spaces for people to share and heal in circles.


Spots Available: 12

Dates and Location:

6 Weekends

Friday 9amSunday 5pm

In Colorado, about an hour from the Denver Airport.

  1. Feb 23-25th
  2. March 23-25th
  3. May 11-13
  4. July 20-22
  5. September 15-17
  6. October 26-28


You must apply and be interviewed to be in the program.

You can apply and schedule your interview here: