Recover from burn out, crappy relationship patterns, and unreponsive health issues

After being diagnosed with PMDD in college, I used my spiritual and holistic upbringing as a foundation to find healing for my soul, body, mind, and heart. I gathered everything I learned on that journey and combined it with my nature, nurture, and professional education to create the tool box I offer you: Thousands of hours of training in bodywork and healing practices (Massage, Reiki, CranioSacral, Holistic Pelvic Care TM, Cupping, Shiatsu), community development, women’s wisdom, menstrual reclamation, Red Tent practices, communication skills, theater, play, improvisation, live action role playing aka LARP-ing, leadership, mentoring and liberatory pedagogy (education that sets one’s mind free instead of bossing it into compliance). I have been professionally empowering people to heal, know, love, and express their authentic self since 1998, I am obsessed with the freedom and liberation of people, the planet, spirit, and the mystery of all things.

I am so excited you’re here!

You — I am calling you. To be yourself. Fully expressed. It needs YOU and it needs PLAY. Playing is a powerful path to healing, and it can be the sweetest most sincere hug, deep still quiet, tear streamed face, or belly sore laughter. It’s life. Your life EXPRESSED. It’s love. It’s the way I go, and it’s the way I’ll walk you.

This is my activism. This is my prayer. Because that’s what the world needs: you, showing up, in love. Full expression of self is the greatest act of self-love, and when you know how to really love yourself, you learn how to really love others. We are all connected.

In raw, wild, surrender and gratitude for life and for my teachers, and in humble honoring of my empowered, embodied, healed and healing self, I treasure the responsibility of walking with you.



50 Things that Help Me Heal

is a collection of 50 bite-sized, short vlogs to help you find healing in, and from, anything. Learn skills that can help get you back on track to heal a broken heart, apathy, loneliness, body aches and pains, lack of self purpose, or whatever you’ve got going on. Here’s a hint: NO FIXING — There’s nothing to fix.

Hey! Drop the beat — it’s time for a dance party!